Fall Model Call

CLOSED. WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT TAKEN NEW MODEL. Next open call for new models will be in Jan of 2020. Even though the model call is closed you can still fill out the form below. We will go ahead and put you into the next Model Call. 

The past couple years MKP has acquired several new in-studio backgrounds and several new outside locations to use when photographing. We are needing new photographs to use for Our Fall advertising on social media, website, in-studio prints and samples. If interested in being a part of the Fall Model Call, make sure to read the information and fill out the form below.

Type of Models needed:


• Infant

• Children

• Child Groups

• Special Needs

• Teens

• High school Seniors


Model will receive:

• Free Session and a Free 8×10 of favorite print.


Make Sure to Fill out the Form Below than Read the Details and Fineprint.

This allows us to set up a convenient session location for you.
Tell us a little bit about the Model/s. Things like the ages of children, boys or girls, how many are in the group, any modeling experience, ect. Feel free to write any information that will help us get to know the model. This will help us choose our models wisely.


Details and Fineprint

1) We are just needing 10 models, Keep in mind not everyone will be used.
2) Make sure to be patient. We will have a lot of people sign up for the model call and it will take some time to contact everybody.
3) Models will be photographed in fall 2019. Matt will call you to work out dates.
4)  A $20. retainer fee will be charged to you when we book your appointment but will be returned to you as long as you make your first appointment and do not reschedule or cancel (we do this to hold people accountable to the session).
5) Model Call cannot be used with other advertising offers.
6) The FB link (below #8) is very important. You will receive important updates via video from Matt within the comment section of this FB post. Make sure you are following this post.
 7) You will need to Post a photo of the model/s within the comment section of the FB Post (below #8), this is not required but would greatly help us when trying to narrow models down. YOU WILL NEED TO JOIN AND LIKE BOTH FB PAGES BEFORE FB WILL ALLOW YOU TO POST INTO THE COMMENTS. FB PAGE LINKS ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.
8) The FB post for step 7 and 8 is the FB post you just came from. 
Text with Questions  901-359-3064

Thanks, Matt


901-359-3064 CALL/TEXT • Serving the Greater Memphis Area