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Matt King Photography is needing Models to use on some creative sessions in and around the Memphis and Tipton County Areas. If interested and you fall into one of the following categories (see below). Apply by filling out the application below 👇 and we will text you with more information on how to get started.

Models will receive a COMPLIMENTARY Session Plus a FREE 8×10 to Say Thank You for Helping.

Categories Options
Groups are needed most this year.

To Participate Fill Out the Application Below.

If you have multiple models, there is no need to fill out more than one application. Just indicate the information of each model in the ” Tell us About ” section. You are not making any commitment by filling out the application, this will simply give Matt the opportunity to text with you and began the process of getting you details as well as answer any of your questions. 

Parent or Guardian's Name, Not Child
Example: Are you mom, dad, Grandmother, ect
Matt will begin a conversation with you via text message.
If you have multiple models, let us know here.

(Very Important Details)


Details and Fine Print

1) Keep in mind not everyone will be used as a model. Below is Matt’s personal number and the number you’ll be texted from with more information, add this number to your contacts so you will know when Matt texts you. We will choose models out of the forms that have been submitted. Make sure you have filled out the form above. To be chosen you must fill the form out.

  • Matt King Photography (901) 359-3064 – This is Matt’s Personal cell phone.

  2) Make sure to be patient. You will not get a text immediately after submitting an application.  We will have a lot of people sign up for the model call and it could take a few months to contact everybody. We will contact most people within a couple months but we may also contact models throughout the year as we need various models. 

3) Models will be photographed within the year of 2023. Matt will text you to work out details.

4) A 50. retainer fee will be charged to you when booking your appointment. This is for accountability and to help Matt with commitment to appointments. The retainer is held but will be returned to you after your appointment. You will not be charged the normal 250. session fee and will get a Free 8×10 of your choice as a Thank you for helping. 


5)The FB link (see #8) is very important. You will receive important updates from Matt within the comment section of this FB post. Make sure you are following this post. Over the next couple of months we will talk with you and communicate within the comments of the post. 

 6 You will need to Post a photo of the model/s within the comment section of the FB Post (see #8), this greatly help us when trying to narrow models down.

7) Simply Share and Tag your friends and family on the model call FB post. 

8) This is How to Find and navigate the FB post. Follow the steps below. 

Step 1)  Go to our FB group pg (link below) and join the group. You have to be a Member of the group before you can comment or post. https://www.facebook.com/groups/MattKingPhotography/

Step 2) Scroll down and look in the announcements.

Step 3). You’ll see the Model Call FB post in the announcements. 

Step 4). Post a photo of the model/s inside the comments of the post.

Step 5). Keep Watching this post for updates on model call. FB will send you a notification when Matt makes a new post with updates. If you get a notification make sure to look at it.  

Step 6). Make sure you are posting and following the FB post in the announcements (from the above steps), not the one you just came from. This helps us to keep all the photos in one spot (easier for Matt to find) and also we will not be posting an update on any of the other posts.

A) Here is a link to the Model Call FB post to make things a little easier.




Feel Free to Text Matt with any Questions. 901-359-3064