Referral Program

Matt King Photography has an awesome referral program, for every Referral you’ll receive $100.00 credit onto your account. FOR EXAMPLE, 5 REFERRALS EQUALS $500 CREDIT




Here’s How Things Work. Matt will offer you 2 types of referral cards, Digital and a Hard Copy. You can refer people that are in need of Child, Family, and High School Senior photographs. Use the hard copy to give out to Friends and Family and use the Digital Copy for texting, social media, etc. You’ll receive $100 in credit per referral and you can use the credit on reorders or like most, save your credit and use it on future sessions.


Tips on Building Credit. Remember you’ll get $100 credit per referral. If at anytime you need more hard copy referral cards or a replacement of your digital card, please let us know. We will provide what you need free of charge.



(Tip 1) Group messages. Use your Facebook PM and Your Text Messaging to send out a personal message along with the Digital Copy to your friends and family inviting them to Matt King Photography.



(Tip 2) Remember this is a number game, the more you send it out the better chance you have of gaining more credits.



(Tip 3) 95% of our clientele is Women, moms and grandmothers, start there.



(Tip 4) DO NOT FEAR that you are bothering people, YOUR NOT, most people will look at this as a favor from you, not a bother.



(Tip 5) Always be personal, make sure to write a personal message and share your experience, people trust and like what you have to say.



(Tip 6) Use your Facebook news feed. When you do, make sure to tag Matt so we can keep up with FB marketing.



(Tip 7) Keep the hard copy referral cards with you and give out to your friends and family.



 Thank you for 14 years of Business.
Without awesome customers like you business would not be possible. Feel Free to contact Matt with any questions.

901.837.3304 studio

901.359.3064 cell/text